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  • Joelle Cook

Let's do SUP Yoga before Summer is Over!

Sup Yoga Cheat Lake, WV

Are you looking for an activity this summer that gets you on the water, challenges your balance, and works your whole body? Then paddleboard yoga on Cheat Lake is the activity for you. Not someone who practices yoga frequently or ever? No problem! You don’t have to be an expert to take a class! Lots of modifications are offered so yoga enthusiasts at any level are welcome.

I discovered paddleboard yoga about two years ago. It only took one class for me to become hooked and pursue yoga instructor certification. For me, it was as simple as the sounds of the water and being surrounded by nature that gave me a new sense of calm.

There are so many reasons why paddleboard yoga is beneficial to anyone willing to try. It provides a new sense of gratitude by allowing students to take in the beauty of nature. Those that regularly practice yoga will discover an appreciation for this experience. The impact of a paddleboard uniquely modifies your core movements, balance, and flow. It will also improve your regular practice because it is a more complete workout. The paddleboard shows you where your balance might be uneven or where a pose might be off. Hearing the sounds of the water encourages controlled and steady breathing. Standing up on a paddleboard is empowering, it offers a new perspective of the horizon and is the closest thing to walking on water. The risk of falling adds a bit of excitement and forces students to focus on their movement. On a hot day, the best part about the experience is falling off or jumping in. Whether or not you end up in the water, practicing paddleboard yoga teaches us that it’s ok to fall. All you have to do is get back up and try again, that’s on the paddleboard and in life.

There are still classes available in August and into September, let's get on the water!

Click here to book online or contact to schedule!

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