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  • Joelle Cameron

I thought the saying was April Showers?

April 2015 First SUP Session of the Year!

There's that old saying of "April showers bring May flowers," right? Is anyone else wondering what May will bring now that we've had snow showers in April?

I really like that Facebook can now remind us of posts we made this day in years past. Whether seeing those posts is good or bad it's always a good reminder of where we've been. The other day mine popped up with a picture of Splash and I on the paddle board in early April two years ago!

Seeing this picture reminded me of how each year our weather can be so different from season to season or even day to day. Two days ago, I was walking my dogs and it was in the mid 60's. Two years ago, it was warm enough to be on the lake with my dog but this year it snowed!

I'm no weather expert but I know that spring temperatures will be back soon and here to stay. As spring temperatures start to bloom, in my neck of the woods, the excitement for all of our outdoor activities builds. Paddle boarding, SUP Yoga, lakeside yoga, yoga in the park, and boating are some of my favorite spring and summer pastimes.

I'm very excited to launch my spring and summer outdoor yoga and SUP yoga schedule! The schedule details will be live soon! Make sure to check out the schedule tab and book your groups in advance! As always, please reach out to me for any group request or questions!

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