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  • Joelle Cook

What's SUP Cheat Lake Morgantown?

Imagine, just you, a board, the sounds of nature all around you, the sun on your face, and the breeze on your skin. Now that is Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) Yoga! I know it sounds scary. Wait, you want me to do yoga on a paddleboard in the water? I promise, that you can do it and it’s not scary! The class is an adventure from the start, we’ll connect with our breath and the surroundings, we’ll play with balance, find a new appreciation for our core, and discover what happens when we let go and go with the flow.

May launches SUP Yoga on Cheat Lake, right outside of Morgantown, West Virginia! I’m excited to offer this practice because taking a SUP Yoga class was what made me want to teach yoga! Beginner to intermediate SUP Yoga postures and sequences will be explored. Variations will also be offered.

Group classes listed on my schedule. The weather is so unpredictable, Pop up SUP Yoga will also be offered, please use the Get in Touch section on the contact tab to be notified! Private groups or parties can also be scheduled by contacting I look forward to practicing with you this summer!

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